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Gain hands-on expertise in Oracle Java SE 8 Programmer I certification exam with OCA Java SE 8 Programmer I Study Guide course and Live Lab. Live-Lab is a real computer equipment, networked together and conveniently accessible over the internet using virtualisation. A live-lab has equipments such as a computer, server, switch or router in it that a user is free to configure. The OCA 1Z0-808 exam online training guide covers all the objectives of the OCA Java 1Z0-808 exam and includes topics such as developing Java applications; mastering Java data types, operators and decision control structures; and understanding core Java APIs, encapsulations, and many more.

Here’s what you will get

The Oracle OCP Java SE 8 Programmer I 1Z0-808 exam is targeted at developers who want to validate their strong Java programming skills and improve programming skills or may be new to object-oriented programming and Java. The exam covers topics such as Java basics, Java data types, array, loop contracts, methods and encapsulation and so on. The certification includes topics such as system administration, web development, technical management, project and program management.


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    9+ Lessons

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    145+ Exercises

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    121+ Flashcards

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    121+ Glossary of Terms

    Test Prep

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      70+ Pre-Assessment Questions

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      6+ Full Length Tests

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      75+ Post-Assessment Questions

    Live Lab (Add-on Component)

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      37+ Live Lab

    Videos and How To..
    The Learning Warehouse course includes videos to help understand concepts. It also includes How Tos that help learners with how to accomplish certain tasks.

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    Here’s what you will learn
    Lesson 1: Java Building Blocks
    Understanding the Java Class Structure Writing a main() Method Understanding Package Declarations and Imports Creating Objects Distinguishing Between Object References and Primitives Declaring and Initializing Variables Understanding Default Initialization of Variables Understanding Variable Scope Ordering Elements in a Class Destroying Objects Benefits of Java Summary Exam Essentials
    Lesson 2: Operators and Statements
    Understanding Java Operators Working with Binary Arithmetic Operators Working with Unary Operators Using Additional Binary Operators Understanding Java Statements Understanding Advanced Flow Control Summary Exam Essentials
    Lesson 3: Core Java APIs
    Creating and Manipulating Strings Using the StringBuilder Class Understanding Equality Understanding Java Arrays Understanding an ArrayList Working with Dates and Times Summary Exam Essentials
    Lesson 4: Methods and Encapsulation
    Designing Methods Working with Varargs Applying Access Modifiers Passing Data Among Methods Overloading Methods Creating Constructors Encapsulating Data Writing Simple Lambdas Summary Exam Essential
    Lesson 5: Class Design
    Introducing Class Inheritance Creating Abstract Classes Implementing Interfaces Understanding Polymorphism Summary Exam Essentials
    Lesson 6: Exceptions
    Understanding Exceptions Using a try Statement Recognizing Common Exception Types Calling Methods That Throw Exceptions Summary Exam Essentials
    Lesson 7: Appendix A: How to Install JDK 8 (on Windows & Ubuntu)
    Downloading JDK Installing JDK on Microsoft Windows Installing JDK on Ubuntu
    Lesson 8: Appendix B: Mapping Videos and In Actions to Ora...ed Associate Java SE 8 Programmer I Exam 1Z0-808
    Lesson 9: Appendix C: OCA Exam Objectives

    Hands on Activities (Live Labs)

    Java Building Blocks
    Operators and Statements
    Core Java APIs
    Methods and Encapsulation
    Class Design
    Appendix A: How to Install JDK 8 (on Windows & Ubuntu)
    Appendix B: Mapping Videos and In Actions to Ora…ed Associate Java SE 8 Programmer I Exam 1Z0-808
    Appendix C: OCA Exam Objectives

    Exam FAQs

    – What is the exam registration fee?

    – Where do I take the exam?
    Pearson VUE.

    – What is the format of the exam?
    Multiple choice

    – How many questions are asked in the exam?
    The exam contains 70 questions.

    – What is the duration of the exam?
    150 minutes

    – What is the passing score?

    – What is the exam’s retake policy?
    As per U.S. trade laws and regulations, the following retake policy is applicable to candidates who are nationals of countries under U.S. restriction (Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria):
    – Candidates must wait 14 days before retaking a failed proctored exam. (Registration will be allowed on the 14th day)
    – Candidates may retake an online non-proctored exam at any time.
    – Candidates may not retake a passed exam at any time.
    – Candidates may not retake a beta exam at any time.
    – Candidates are only allowed 4 attempts to pass an exam in a 12-month period.
    – Candidates must resubmit a failed Master Assignment within 30 days of receiving the notification of failing.

    – Which certification covers this exam?
    – OCA: Oracle Java Certified Associate

    – What are the career opportunities after passing this exam?
    – Java Developer
    – Project Manager
    – Technical consultant
    – Internet Portal Developer
    – Web Application Developer

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    Oracle Certified Associate Java SE 8 Programmer I by Enthuware

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